We are a contemporary multimedia company, with an eye for generation-next Media & Communication Solutions. Our services span the entire spectrum of Digital Advertising – from SEO to Adwords, Facebook Ads to Programmatic Advertising, the WordPress Web Design to the whole gamut of digital media – all under one roof. Welcome to the colorful world of Black & White!

We love technology. We especially love the internet. In fact we practically live on it which is practically why our families and pets are on the verge of abandoning us without second thought. We love our job so much that most of us believe the word “apps” is a proper word.

At Black and White Studios, we are a collective that specializes in creative digital design and content. We are owned by Charles Brian International and over the past fifteen years, we have provided solutions across the globe to our customers from multiple industries – manufacturing, Textile & Garments, Retail, Media, Learning Solutions, Real Estate and IT Services. Over 100 years of combined experiences in delivering Creative, Digital, and Advertising Solutions. Our proven delivery model to provide end – to – end solutions has been well appreciated by our customers.