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Attend One of the Best Graphic Design Schools

The best graphic design schools will offer students a well-rounded program that will also include an internship and possibly job placement after graduation. Here we will take a look at these schools and the programs they offer for the graphic designer, while also looking at any advanced courses they have available for the graphic designer that wants to enhance their skills.

The Yale University of Fine Arts offers students a bachelor’s degree in this field and such courses as motion drawing, typography, motion design, type design, moving image methods and exhibition design. This school also features a career advisor who will work with students on building up professional resumes and assist with job placement after graduation.

Yale University Gallery

The Rhode Island School of Design will offer students an associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree in fine arts. The graphic design programs featured at this school will include a one-year internship and such courses as poster design, package graphics, printed books, typography, marketing means, exhibit design and type design. This school also offers continuing education courses designed for the professional graphic designer.

Rhode Island School of Design

The California Institute of the Arts offers students the associate’s degree or bachelor’s in fine arts degree. Their graphic design program will feature such courses as 3D imaging, animation, product design. Executive design, catalog design, and typography. This graphic design program also features continuing education courses for the professional graphic designer and a one to the two-year internship for the graphic design student.

California Institute of the Arts


Working as a Professional Graphic Designer

When working in the field as a graphic designer, you can choose to work for a design firm, which will allow you to work on larger projects with artists that have a particular area of specialty. Working in a design firm will also give you a steady flow of work and will allow you to make a higher income than that of the freelance graphic designer. To qualify for a position in a design firm, you will need to have obtained a bachelor’s degree in fine arts as well as have participated in an internship program for a minimum of one year.

Professional Graphic Designer

Working as a freelancer will require hard work at the beginning of your career. You will need to devote time to self-advertising and can do so by joining a freelance site where you can put your resume and portfolio online, or you can create your website that will showcase your portfolio, education, internships and any additional credentials. As a freelancer, you will be able to create your schedule and work from home, or you can rent a workspace. For more information on the career of the freelance graphic designer, you can take a look here, where you will also learn more about the salary potential for the in-house or freelance graphic designer.

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