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Top 9 Tips on How to Create a Custom Logo Design

Take a moment and think about a product or company that you truly like a lot. If you really get down to it, one of the things that probably attracted you to that business station was the logo that they used. This may seem rather odd, but the fact remains that consumers are attracted to something that they like, and a custom logo design can be a big difference maker in helping to get consumers to your front door.

What this tells you is that if you are looking to have great success with your organization, you want to make sure that you have a quality logo for your products and for the business itself. You need to go the extra mile to ensure that consumers will be attracted to the looking design that you have chosen, remember that logo, and let it draw them into your store or business.

While you may want to run out and find yourself a graphic design logo maker, you should be aware that you have the potential to create a great looking logo of your own. Maybe you can at least design it and have another organization actually create the logo itself.

Custom Logo Designer

Some Important Questions to Answer

Before making any decisions, there are some important questions you may have related to how to create a logo, that can assist you in making the right kinds of decisions.

What is a Custom Logo Design?

A custom logo design is the creation of a logo that specifically is geared towards your organization. Regardless of what kind of organization you have or the product and services that you offer, you can have a custom logo created for you by a logo designer that make sure that it represents who you are to consumers.

Custom Logo Design


How to create a Logo with the right Graphic Designer?

Graphic designerBy choosing the right logo designer online, you ensure that you get the right kind of logo to fit the organization’s needs. Whether you are looking for a logo design online or a brick-and-mortar kind of business, there are great options out there that can assist you to find a professional who can build the right design for you. You want to ensure that you are appealing to consumers, and finding the right graphic designer can be a key to that success.


Benefits of purchasing a Logo Design Through online

By choosing the right logo design online service company, you are able to choose an organization from anywhere in the world to get the perfect kind of expertise. What happens, often, is that people choose someone who is local to them who may be good, but may not have the best kind of expertise or incredible ideas that could really take the design of your logo to an entirely new level.

By going online, you can find exactly what you are looking for, making sure that instead of having a few hundred professionals to assist you, you have millions of them available to you. This can ensure that you get the very best logo possible, often at a price that is greatly reduced in comparison to what you would expect to pay because you are open to market in countries where designers do not charge as much as they would in Europe or the United States. This can greatly reduce your budget while still getting an outstanding product.

Tips on choosing the right logo before purchasing

If you want to start by making a general design for your organization or you may simply want to create the logo for yourself, there are some important tips that can assist you in making a logo that is absolutely ideal for your organization. Here are a few that should assist you in this process.

Know Your Competition1. Know Your Competition – before you begin the design of your logo, it is important to understand what your competitors use as a logo for their organization. What you are looking for is to make sure that you not only distinguish yourself from those companies, but that you look for ideas on what they are using to try to attract customers. This can include such things as the color schemes that are used, the background, and the way that they try eye-catching ideas to be able to capture a consumer’s attention.

2. Don’t Be Rigid – a common mistake that people make is that they have an idea of what they want and they refused to listen to anyone else about what may work for them. Be open minded and be willing to change if good suggestions are given. While you may have a good idea that does not mean your idea is perfect.

3. Make Sure the Font Is Appealing – what you will find is that many of the most popular businesses on the globe have designed fonts that are only used by them. It is their font, and has quickly been linked to the organization itself. By choosing to either use a rather obscure font or to have your own created, you create an additional kind of branding that can increase the profile of your company as well.

If you are an organization that has struggled in the past and is looking for a new logo design to let consumers know that you are a new company dedicated to improving relations with them, then choosing a new font can be a key to presenting that. Many companies do this because it says to consumers that we are new now.

4. Choose Colors that Attract – not only do you want to choose colors that match the colors of your organization, that you also want to choose some that are appealing to the consumers. This can Choose Colors that Attractmean choosing multi-color schemes, or choosing brighter kinds of colors that capture the attention of people right off. Be careful not to overdo it on the bright colors, but they should be included.

While choosing your colors, it is also important to make sure that you understand what colors complement each other. For example, yellow looks very good with blue, but orange does not look so. Keep in mind how colors blend and complement one another before making a decision on which ones will be used in your design.

5. Be Subtle – if you look at some of the most well-known brands that are on the market today, it is a very simple logo that is all they use to try to capture your attention. Take for example such companies as McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Apple, or IBM. They have chosen logos that are not complicated or flashy in any way, yet have attracted consumers to their businesses for decades. In addition, when people see those logos they instantly know the company that they belong to.

6. Use Shapes to Your Advantage – shapes can be a key to successfully appealing to your customer. One of the greatest examples of this is the newspaper USA Today. A few years ago, the newspaper changed their logo to be nothing more than a circle. The color circle dictates the section of the paper that you are in, but it is still nothing more than a circle that represents the organization. However, this is having great effects in branding the organization so that people know exactly which newspaper they are looking at the moment they see that circle.

7. Let Space Create Images – one of the cleverest ways that you can create a design is actually through the lack of images in the logo itself. Consider the logo for NBC for a moment. This is a series of colors that are placed in six different pie shaped figures. The shapes are designed in such a way as to make it look like they are the feathers to a peacock. In the center of that is a white space, and because of the way that the other shapes are designed this actually looks like you are looking at a peacock. It is a very clever use of a lack of color that helps to bolster the design of this logo.

Let Space Create Images

8. Don’t Be Afraid of Black and White – some of the very best logos that you can find out there are nothing more than black-and-white images. People go out of their way to choose bright and innovative colors because they expect that’s what consumers want. If you have a clever design that looks good and black-and-white then go with that. This will be just as appealing to your consumers.

9. Ask for Other’s Opinion – have you ever told a story that you thought was absolutely hilarious yet no one laughed that it? This can be the same kind of idea for the logo you develop. You may think that it is absolutely brilliant and will capture the consumer’s attention like no other, yet it may be a total bust to everyone else. Ask the opinion of others to see what they think to make sure that you are on the right track with your design.


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